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A Magickal Moon

I received this in my email tonight and thought I'd share it.

"Hi guys, this is Deb (Madam Katarina). Heather thinks I am checking my email here, but I
wanted to send this out. You know the store isn't doing too well, and she is really worried
about spending money at the trade show this weekend buying merchandise to keep the
store open for us. Let's surprise her and make this a really successful weekend for the
store. While she's gone, I'll be in babysitting both Friday and Saturday from 10 - 6. I will be
have a super reading special for this weekend only. Readings are going to be only $35!!
That is $15 off each reading!"

A Magickal Moon
1717 E. Broadway Road, Tempe
Southwest corner of Broadway Road and McClintock Road.
Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm
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Cottonwoolfairy Hats


I've recently opened a shop online selling traditional pointy witch hats,
and I'm currently posting the info around in case anyone might be interested.

A while ago I became frustrated with the lack of proper pointy hats available
(beyond the fake plasticy ones you can buy at Hallowe'en).
I started making felt hats as an experiment, and enjoyed it so much
that I decided to start selling them.

The hats are felted from various different wools:
unbleached and undyed natural colours such as Black Welsh and Bluefaced Leicester,
as well as soft Merino wool dyed in any number of colours.
Often I decorate them with brightly coloured silks, buttons, hatbands etc.
However, these hats are made to be worn - The felt is hardy and weather resistant
and will easily withstand being sat upon, dropped in puddles, stolen by toddlers etc!
As such, they are ideal for wearing out and about.

There are several hats up for sale on my website at the moment - I hope you like them!
More usually though I work to commissions, so please feel free to
e-mail me with your own designs at:

Best Wishes,
Imogen Rush

(P.S. I hope it's okay that I've posted this here!)

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GLBT Pagans meeting

GLBT Pagans meet the last sunday of the month at Alternatives Health and Wellness, 4314 North 7th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85013, 7th Ave., 3 blocks North of Indian School Rd. 11am- around 2 or 3 or so.

We are a networking group, getting together for a relaxing midday of chatting and finding new friends who understand the two worlds that gay and lesbian Pagans walk.

Everyone is welcome, just know that the topics revolve around the gay-lesbian aspects of Paganism.

For further information, please contact us.

Michele and Robert

Medieval Madness camp out/liturgical weekend

WHAT: Medieval Madness
WHERE: Usery Mountain Recreation Area, 3939 N. Usery Pass Rd, Mesa AZ 85207
Site A
WHEN: February 27,2009-March 1, 2009
COST: $50.00 includes entry to Arizona Renaissance Festival (Note: After February 16th the price will be $65)

DETAILS: Rev. Kirk Thomas who is currently the ADF Vice-Archdruid as well as Chief for the ADF Liturgists Guild will presenting a workshop on ADF Liturgy. The word "liturgy", says the Oxford English Dictionary, comes from the Greek word leitourgia, meaning "public service, service of the Gods, public worship." It's used most often in English to refer to the Christian (especially Eastern Orthodox) ceremony known as the "Eucharist" or "Mass". More generally, according to the O.E.D., liturgy can also be defined as "public worship conducted in accordance with a prescribed form." Interestingly enough, among the Ancient Greeks it also meant "a public office or duty which the richer citizens discharged at their own expense." (Isaac Bonewits ADF Founder)

Michelle will be presenting the construction of wooden journals.

Please go to: http://www.risingphoenix-adf.org
To check out ADF please go to http://www.adf.org
please direct questions to skullarix@cox.net

I don't know, I'm still learning

Lately it seems all around me people are discussing religion, spirituality, the divine, and beliefs in terms of how to define it, what it is and isn't, who's a poser, what's real, etc.
So I wanted to write a little about myself and get some opinions. I'm being very raw and honest here, and I don't think I've ever really discussed this with anybody before, so I'm very interested in what people have to say.
As a child, my family was generally agnostic Christian... God, angels, jesus, but that's it. My mom and grandma grew up in a generally Mormon family but i'm thankful that they never passed it on to me, since I find it to be a lot of rubbish, but that's just me. I basically believed in God and angels because that's what I was taught but never gave it much thought. Never went to church, never prayed or said my blessings before bed, etc. Was very curious however with the supernatural, psychics, aliens, etc.
On my 13th birthday a friend of my mom's gave me a book on Wicca by Silver Ravenwolf. Now, I know a lot of people think she's a fluff bunny, etc. and generally don't like her, but damn that book hit home for me and made more sense to me than anything else I had ever read, and I do have a lot of respect for her as an author and what she teaches.
I began reading books by Silver Ravenwolf as well as Scott Cunningham, but while Wicca and Paganism rang true for me much more than anything else I'd ever learned about, it still didn't quite seem to fit. I went through my fluff bunny phase but got over it quickly.
At 16, went through existentialist Athiest phase, but shortly thereafter went through a bunch of life changes and trials that made me rethink life and my beliefs. I realized that I don't know everything, no one does, and life isn't simple and black and white, and some things are simply unexplainable by rationale and science.
During this point in my life, I was 18-19 and went through a big re-evaluation of my beliefs and spirituality. I read and read about religion and spirituality, took a Religious Studies class in college, and since then, I am 20 now and frankly I'm not sure where I fit.
I consider myself Eclectic... that's the best, most specific way I can describe my beliefs, which isn't very specific at all. I just don't know where or what I am, but unlike my younger days, i don't feel such an urgent need to define it, but curiosity and a bit of a feeling of being lost.
I believe in a lot of Buddhist, Wiccan, and Pagan teachings, a bit of Hindu as well. I do believe there is a divine force out there, I'm just not sure what or who it is. And as far as Christianity, Islam, etc. I have a lot of problems with their teachings as far as Hell, "Sin", homosexuality, etc.
I think that the deities of the world are all just facets and different interpretations of this supreme force, though I don't really know how to define this thing other than as the universe, love, life, etc. I am a very strong believer in Astrology and have been studying it for the past few months.I've been also studying and practicing Lucid Dreaming, as well as communicating with the "other side". I also believe in karma very much so as I've observed it first hand. I believe in "Magick" or however you want to define it. I also believe that Prayer and positive, proactive thinking do work. I am an artist and am learning massage therapy as well as color and crystal/stone therapy. I meditate regularly as well. My beliefs basically go off of what I have experienced and learned to be true first hand. I'm a bit of a skeptic sometimes.
I have an alter, a small one, but its mine and I cherish it. It brings me comfort and inspiration and a place to pray, spellcast, meditate, and think. It consists of a picture of my foster mom who died over a year ago, a few happy chinese buddhas (the fat ones) as they've always been very important to me as a deity, spiritual representation, however you want to call it, a Shiva Statuette, A Goddess charm (The Goddess and femininity are very important to me), some of my stones such as my rose quartz that I take everywhere for me (promotes love, calm, especially for children of abusive parents from what I've read), and my meditation balls, which are especially important to me.
I try not to judge anybody or start arguments, as I really don't like conflict or hurting others (yes, I'm a wimp). I'm somewhat of a pacifist, though I'm prone to being a typical mischevious Gemini. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated, be kind to everyone and help people when I can.I've been very much a victim to cruelty and abuse, and frankly I hate the idea of anyone suffering.  Sure I understand its a part of life and I can't help everyone, but I'm the type if you're not feeling the best I'll give you a hug, a cup of tea, and a back massage, and probably make you a bead animal full of love.
So this is my little musing and I would love some feedback, guidence, observations, advice, anything you want to offer me.
star, sun, moon

Flagstaff events

So it seems that the majority of events are down in Phoenix or Tucson. However, I know that there are a number of pagans in Flagstaff and the surrounding area. Does anyone know if there are any public events in Flagstaff, aside from the Emerald Witches Meetup? I am talking like open circles or group discussions or the like. Would anyone be interested in starting such activities?
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King of Strange

Books, books, books...

(cross-posted to pagan)

Anyone know some good, credible books on shadow magick? Same for chaos magick? If they go beyond 101, that's a major bonus.

Anyone know of excellent books of myths and legends? Ive got the Native American ones pretty much covered, but Im really looking for those in regards to the Roman and Greek Gods and Goddesses as well as those of the British Isles (BTW-ish and likewise)? With pictures, cause Im a visual person and love that sort of thing.

And what about starting a coven or seeker group?

Many heart felt thanks in advance!

also, is anyone else going to the Grove of the Rising Phoenix Samhain ritual?


Looking for other Middle Eastern-based Pagans in Phoenix. It's been hard trying to find someone who appreciates the ancient middle east, and who isn't using drugs, the necro or Sitchen. Anyone out there?


pagan meetup!!!

for those of you in the flagstaff area, there'll be a meetup tomorrow, tuesday september 9 at 700pm-900pm at bookman's (off milton, by chili's/chase/joanns/hastings).

this is a regular event, the second tuesday of every month- so if you can't make it tomorrow, put it on your schedule for next month!

What it means.

Hi. I am not new to LJ but at this present time you may call me a newbie since, yet again, I have made a new username. yeay... Anyways down to it, I have always been interested in Paganism I would be delighted to have someone please explain in their own words what it is about, what do you do, what does it mean to call your self a pagan? Also I did a search for Norse Mythology in LJ since me and my BF are insterested in it :D I wear Thor's hammer Mjöllnir around my neck every day. It is the only piece of jewelry that has never irritated my skin. Mostly also cause I made the necklas out of leftover knitting yarn. :D But what relation does Norse Mythology have with Paganism. I have learned that most mythologies and religions started from the Norse mythology...

oh btw I am from Chandler/Tempe/Mesa border area! wee.
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